Joy Fashion Store – Mini Fashion Makeover fun

So if you’ve been following us you may be wondering how our fashion mini makeover went down at the Joy fashion store in Chiswick last week. Here’s the scoop! We started last Sunday at 10am when the doors opened and finished at 6pm given about a dozen people a chance to take part. Each person…


The JOY Fashion Mini Makeover + Photoshoot Event

On Sunday 6th of April, Johnny Hammond Photography will be partnering with JOY, the fashion retailer, for our first ever fashion makeover event. Excited to the point where you can’t breathe?! So are we. Chances are if you’re like me there’s only one scenario for this time of year. Frizzy windswept hair, three pairs of…

Beach Babe

Visiting new and exciting places with Johnny always seem to end up in a photoshoot.  We’ll be walking along and all of a sudden… J:  Hey, check out that wall over there Me:  Which one? J:  The one that looks really cool Me:  I think we’re going to be late for dinner… J: Hey!  I’ve…

Weekend Getaway

Shot on the same weekend as “Beach Babe” we came across a lovely little boutique hotel called the Severn Stars in Totnes. It’s a neat little place steeped in history with some cut little rooms. It has a beautiful grand staircase and a lovely lounge.

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